Appinings Post #2: Getting Started on Pinterest

Appinings Post #2

Getting Started on Pinterest for Indie App Developers

Pinterest is both a social network & a bookmarking service. What makes it wholly unique is the visual nature of the site mixed with the ability to create curated boards. While it seems like an overwhelming wall of stuff at first; the more time you spend with it the more it makes sense. Setting up an account is the first step, though, so let’s get started.

Getting started on Pinterest is as easy most other social networks, but getting started as a business is a bit tricker. Since Pinterest offers both Personal & Business accounts; if you are an indie app developer you’ll have to stop & ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do you plan on using this account mainly for promoting your apps?

  • Would you like to get detailed analytics?

  • Would you like to use ‘Promoted Pins’ (embedded & targeted ads as pins) at some point?

If you answered yes to any of these then you will want to set up a business account. I highly recommend just setting up an account fresh with a business email address even though you are given the opportunity to just use Facebook as your login. Using Facebook as your login is fine for personal accounts, but complicates your business account in my opinion. Setting up a Pinterest business account with a business email will also just help you keep things organized better if you decide to set up a personal Pinterest account at some point. Trust me on this from experience.

If you already have a personal account Pinterest gives you ability to convert it into a business account. This is a nice feature, but again, you really need to ask yourself what your primary use case for the account is. If you plan on promoting your apps heavily in any capacity you really need a business account. Pinterest is fairly strict about this & will flag your Personal account for spam if you continually plug your wares. Vice versa if you are using a brand as your Pinterest name you probably need to limit how personal you make it. We’ll touch more on that balance in future posts.

In short, Pinterest is strict on using personal accounts to just spam followers for something you sell & vice versa you will do your business account a disservice if it seems unfocused. For instance, if I started a : ‘My Favorite Cars’ board on my Sugar Coded Apps account it would probably seem out of place. You can always set up a personal account later to share your specific tastes if you find yourself enjoying Pinterest.

So, hopefully with this post I have steered you towards setting up a Business Pinterest account with a business email so you can keep things a little more organized in the future if you choose to also use Pinterest for personal Boards.

See you on Pinterest!
-Eric Blanton


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